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The national school of physics of Theodosii Theodosiev started in 1974, when the young teacher started working in the School of Mathematics “Nikola Obreshkov” – Kazanlak, created just 4 years before.

Teo draws the interest of some of the students to the physics with his distinct approach which evolved in a “Methodology for the Development of Formidable Intellect“. His method quickly proved its efficiency, after a number of people from his first team (look at the picture below) qualified for the 10th International Physics Olympiad in Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia, from which Petko Dinev came back with a golden medal.

The first team of Theodosii Theodosiev in May 1978
The first team of Theodosii Theodosiev in May 1978

And that’s just the beginning! The successes of Teo’s School rapidly grew, so that at the end of 2014 statistics show:

  • 19 absolute winners at the national physics olympiads;
  • 8 golden medals at international physics olympiads (out of 12 for Bulgaria);
  • More than 50 participants in international physics olympiads for the last 12 years only;
  • Countless participations in international physics contests and olympiads.

In his school Theodosii Theodosiev, not only leads theoretical lessons, but also collects and provides his students physics literature, maintains a huge number of theoretical problems and tries to maintain and develop a base for experimental problems and lessons. The school also gives opportunities to other teachers, and even students, to teach classes with the already verified methodology.

During the school year weekly lessons taught (split into groups of lower grade and higher grade students), and in rest of the time Theodosii Theodosiev organizes summer school camps in physics in the Municipality of Kazanlak’s base in the Panitsite region near Kalofer. In a suitable time excursions and night observations are organized too.

And, most importantly, tuition in Teo’s School is totally free!

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